Friday, 12 January 2018

Saturday 20th Jan - CYM Activities

This week we have the following lunchtime activities taking place:

·         Open Day Concert 1.05pm Emma Cons Hall
·         Piano Department Concert 1.10 B05
·         Aural Classes as usual

Open Day:
This Saturday is the first of our two CYM open days. The Friends of CYM will be escorting Open Day visitors around the Centre. They will have unrestricted access to classes and all students and staff should therefore be prepared to be “dropped in on” during the day. Please be welcoming! The visits will be short and classes should simply continue as normal, though I am happy for tutors to explain what they are working on if they would like to.

G5 Theory & GCSE Revision courses:
I am pleased to announce we will be putting on a Grade 5 theory booster day and GCSE revision day in April. Please note this is for CYM and non CYM students.

Reminder of building work and Instrument Storage on Saturdays:
The foyer at Morley College is undergoing major building work and much of the area is cordoned off. This means that we have a very limited space for students to leave instruments from tomorrow.  
It will only be possible for cellos in hard cases and tubas to be left by the side of the front desk at Morley College, all other instruments and bags must be carried with students at all times.

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