Friday, 20 October 2017

Morley College and CYM Collaboration!

Morley Chamber Orchestra Beethoven 

piano concerto series

String players from CYM and the LSSO recently helped to enlarge the Morley Chamber Orchestra for a concert including Beethoven’s 1st piano concerto and pieces by John Woolrich. This was an extremely successful collaboration and the student players received much praise for their high standards of playing and their professional attitude. There are 4 more concerts to follow, each one including a Beethoven piano concerto.

The Morley chamber orchestra will give a series of five concerts in 2017-18, conducted by Charles Peebles. These will include the performance of all Beethoven’s piano concertos with Morley tutors as soloists, as well as ‘new’ works by John Woolrich, Colin Matthews and Paul Sarcich.

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